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It'll take your family heirlooms, but it can take your darkest sins - Myth Happens

Date: 2017-02-11 15:15
Subject: It'll take your family heirlooms, but it can take your darkest sins
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Music:Brandi Carlile, "The Stranger at My Door"

I have just had a poem accepted that I will announce tomorrow. I am extremely happy about the acceptance, if not about the political situation that sparked the writing of the poem.

I just received an e-mail from President Peter Salovey of Yale that the university has decided to rename Calhoun College for Grace Hopper. The statement and the two linked reports are worth reading.

This song from Brandi Carlile's The Firewatcher's Daughter (2015) has been playing on repeat since ladymondegreen linked me to it. But nothing scares me more than the stranger at my door who I fail to give shelter, time, and worth.

Last night I started coughing and this morning I woke up sneezing and I just had to cancel an invitation for dinner from friends who really don't need whatever the hell this is on top of whatever their small child might already have brought home from daycare. I think my plans for the rest of the day are to finish writing about a movie and then see if I can either stare at another one or pass out.

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Sovay: Rotwang
User: sovay
Date: 2017-02-12 06:43 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)

Congratulations on poetry acceptance! And I hope you feel better!

Thank you! I made Totally Inauthentic Chicken Saag for dinner (next time: more spinach and more spices and cook the spinach for longer; I got the bitter green taste out, but I think it still released too much liquid into the rest of the curry) and wrote about a movie, which is currently not crossposting to LJ because something something DDOS I don't know I can't even edit the typo I found because then it will post twice aargh.

I have mixed, though generally positive, feelings about the Calhoun name change. I do feel strongly that they ought to put up a plaque to remind everyone that yes, this was what it was called for 86 years.

Yes. And after a while people will read it and wonder why, but then you can have the conversation about reasons people make decisions in one century and different decisions in another.

But Grace Hopper was one of those people - perhaps one should say, one of the many women - who deserves to be better remembered. So I also feel like they ought to get a good print of this and frame it somewhere prominent.

I'm for it.

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